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Here is where you will find support questions related to your purchased product and device. As questions arise, we will post them here for your convenience. We welcome all suggestions for current and future product enhancements/features.



Question: How do I find out if my android device is an ARMv7 or higher device?

Answer: Go to the following webpage: CHECK MY ANDROID DEVICE. At the top of the page, enter your android device name eg., "Samsung Galaxy Note 3." Press the magnifying glass to the right of the search box when you are ready. On the next page, click on the image of your android device in the list of matching devices. On the next page, scroll down the page until you see "PLATFORM." In the "PLATFORM" row, you are looking for the "CPU" subrow. There will be a list of CPU types for your device. Write down the list of CPU types.

Open another tab or browser window and go to the following webpage: WIKIPEDIA ARM ARCHITECTURE CORES. On that page you will see a table with 6 columns. The three columns you need to be concerned with are "Architecture," "Cores designed by ARM Holdings," and "Cores designed by third parties." Compare the list of CPU types you wrote down from the CHECK MY ANDROID DEVICE webpage, to the CPU types in the "Cores designed by ARM Holdings" and "Cores designed by third parties." When you find a match, look at the corresponding "Architecture" column to see if your device is an ARMv7 or higher device.