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Go on an interactive exploration and learning adventure with Billiebean and help her fulfill her dream to get to outer space. See what happens when you have a great desire to do something and what a bit of committed work and imaginative thinking can do for you. On your mission with Billiebean, you will learn how high outer space is from the surface of Earth and whether or not there really is gravity in outer space. You will also learn about the individual parts of a rocket, what types of materials they are made from, how rocket engines work, the main instruments on the rockets instrument control panel and how to navigate a rocket in the rocket simulator (which simulates how you would steer a real rocket). With your assistance, you will even help Billiebean build her very own rocket. To bring the rocket back to Earth safely, you will learn about the layers of Earth’s atmosphere and the special material that’s needed on the rocket to ensure that the rocket is protected. You might even help Billiebean launch the rocket and help her to navigate the rocket through the atmosphere for a safe landing back on Earth. It all depends on how adventurous you are…and you may even discover all the planets of our solar system if you do get to outer space…


  • • How high outer space is from Earth’s surface
  • • Whether or not gravity exists in outer space
  • • Layers to Earth’s atmosphere
  • • The crew members and their roles
  • • What’s inside a rocket
  • • What types of materials rockets are made from
  • • How rocket engines work and what types of fuels are commonly used
  • • How rockets are assembled (including an activity of helping Billiebean to build her own)
  • • How rockets are operated from the flight deck
  • • How to navigate a rocket
  • • The Solar System with touchable planets - in the Rocket simulator

This book is rated for children of all ages as there's something for every child to learn and enjoy. The story takes a complex subject and breaks it down into simple concepts that every child can understand. Even grownups will enjoy the story just as much as children do (if not more which should encourage parents with younger children to actively participate). This app will bring hours of entertainment, joy and education for anyone who reads it. If you want your child to spend quality time on your device as opposed to wasting time with apps that are strictly passive entertainment, our book apps are what you are looking for.

If you experience any complications with our app or have any suggestions, questions or comments, please contact us at We would love to hear from you! Also, please visit our website for more information, up to the minute release information and frequently asked questions.


  • • Enhanced learning comprehension through active participation
  • • Follow along or read yourself - literacy skills and highlighted narration
  • • Touchable objects prompting instructional learning and participation
  • • 43 pages of exceptionally colourful illustrations and animations to discover (over an hour of reading with all activities).
  • • Rocket simulator - navigate in space while exploring the solar system (rotate, turn and land the rocket)

DISCLAIMER: Parents, please note that the rocket simulator offers an option to rotate the rocket which could cause a sense of disorientation/vertigo for those who are sensitive to motion sickness. If your child suffers from movement disorders, prior to allowing your child to explore the rocket simulator, review the rocket simulator to determine if this feature will adversely affect your child.


ACT is currently working on upgrading The Rocket to include a Learning Center. The Learning Center will provide more indepth education on the parts of rockets, trajectory, aerodynamics, gravity, dictionary, word match/memory cards, outer space such as the solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy. Stay connected for futher developments.


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