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Based in Brisbane Australia, A Complete Teacher was founded in October of 2014 by Jacqueline Manger, an experienced professional business woman who runs a successful consultant business as well as assists in educating children with autism. Jacqueline had a strong desire to break into the hand held device market to provide her successful teaching methods to assist children in learning through active participation. As a mother, Jacqueline understands that you want your child to spend quality time on your device as opposed to wasting time with apps that are strictly for "passive entertainment." For those reasons, A Complete Teacher was created.

ACT's mission is to create interactive learning experiences for adults and children of all ages and disabilities to assist in the learning of rapid literacy and the development of motor and decision making skills by implementing an instructional participation based methodology re-enforcing comprehension. We strive to create inspirational books that not only challenge children but provide positive reinforcement as well as educate, build confidence and self esteem. ACT is in the process of developing a broad range of subjects that kids of all ages will enjoy and benefit from. Stay connected...

Our Staff

Jacqueline Manger

As the Principle of ACT, Jacqueline has successfully operated her consultant business for the past 25 years with clients ranging from nationwide media to international magazines. In addition, Jacqueline is a Paediatric Nurse at LCCH QLD and is actively involved in educating children with autism and special needs.

Douglas Cavanaugh

As the Technical Advisor/Sole Developer to ACT, Douglas has an Aeronautical/Engineering background with over 20 years successful experience developing business solution oriented applications on both desktop and web platforms as well as 8 years of hand held device development experience including Apple TV (tvOS - MFi Game Contollers), iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows.

Helen Matuszek

Helen is a Specialist Primary school Educator and Teacher. Helen brings over 30 years of professional experience to ACT.

Robin Manger

Robin is a Linguistics Specialist and remedial reading teacher. Robin brings over 40 years of professional experience to ACT.

Phil Manger

Phil is an Amnesty International Veteran and Professor of German Literacy, History as well as fluent in 5 languages and an interpreter. Phil brings over 50 years of professional experience to ACT.